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"To ensure that professional advice on sustainable coastal development is readily available and affordable to facilitate the best outcomes for all users of our coastline now and into the future."


The Coastal Environment Mission Statement underpins our business and directs our service provision and project work load.  The following objectives and beliefs are enshrined in our day to day business activity.

  • Our coastline is a natural asset to be shared and enjoyed by all. Coastal zone management decisions should not alienate the coastline nor damage the coastal values so highly prized by communities.
  • Coastal zone management benefits from a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on the pooled expertise of coastal planners, coastal scientists, coastal engineers, surveyors, legal professionals, environmentalists and stakeholder groups.
  • We believe that climate change is occurring as a result of human induced global warming and should be considered appropriately in all coastal zone management decisions.
  • Our coastline is a shared asset and coastal zone management is a shared responsibility.
  • Consultation and negotiation lead to better community based outcomes for our coast than confrontation.
  • Decision making must be underpinned by the best available knowledge.
  • Coastal systems are dynamic and changing. The impacts of a small action in the coastal zone may result in significant impacts away from that location and over long time periods.


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