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consulting coastal, estuarine and port engineers

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Coastal Environment offers a range of  specialist coastal, estuarine and port engineering services, based around the knowledge and experience of the company  principal, Doug Lord.  Clients are assured of personal service from a  senior, experienced coastal engineer in dealing with their projects. Engineering consultancies, Councils and Government agencies are able to engage our services on a sub-consulting basis to provide detailed peer review, project design and project management to augment their in house capability.

Services are offered in the following areas:

  • Coastal zone management planning
  • Coastal and estuary process investigation
  • Property assessment, (building setbacks, floor levels, erosion hazard etc.)
  • Beach and foreshore management
  • Seawalls and revetments
  • Beach nourishment
  • Data collection program design
  • Preparation of coastal manuals and guidelines
  • Peer review
  • Expert witness in court proceedings
  • Lectures and presentations

Coastal Environment works with an extensive network of specialist, multidisciplinary coastal consultants that are leaders in their field across Australia.  We maintain close relationships with leading Coastal Engineers internationally and are up to date with the latest literature and knowledge. We are able to draw on those services and contacts as required.


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