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Bar Beach, Newcastle NSW

As of May 2023, the services of Coastal Environment Pty Ltd are now being provided through Salients Pty Ltd. Doug Lord is a principal coastal specialist at Salients.

Sailing boat behind a reef, Newcastle NSW

Doug Lord

MIEAust CPEng NER APEC Engineer IntPE(Aust)

Doug Lord has over 45 years of experience in Coast and Estuary Management. He is a corresponding member of the National Committee on Coastal and Ocean Engineering (NCCOE) of Engineers Australia and is a past Chair of that committee. He has also been a representative on the Sydney Division, Coast, Ocean and Port Engineering Panel (COPEP) for Engineers Australia since 2001.

Doug has had a keen interest in climate change and its potential impact on coastline evolution and coastal development for over 35 years and has published many conference and journal papers in that area. While Chair of the NCCOE, Doug contributed as a joint editor and section author to the three volume EA Guidelines series dealing with the impacts of climate change in the coastal zone around Australia.

Since 2018 Doug has been employed by NSW Planning to provide expert technical advice through the Sydney and Regional Planning Panels in developing project approvals. He is appointed, as required, as a substitute member to the various panels when considering projects likely to have significant coastal impacts. Doug has significant work experience both within State Government and as a private consultant. This experience includes over 35 years providing expert witness in Court proceedings and Inquiries on coastal matters in NSW and around Australia.

Sailing boat behind a reef, Newcastle NSW